Dublin Comic Con 2017

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I went to my first ever comic con last weekend in Dublin hosted in Dublin's convention centre which was huge, on four floors.
As it was my first con I didn't really know what to expect. I knew there be sellers of merch and collector's items and obviously meeting the guests who were come to attend the con.
I cosplayed for the first not going too crazy but going as a female version of Barry Allen in his Star Labs sweater.

I left Cork super early, and getting up at 5am and leaving Cork on a 7:30 am bus heading to Dublin in 10:30am and walking a short distance from the bus stop to Convention Centre which was perfect. And after passing O' Connell street we found some people who were cosplaying (costume playing as a character from tv, film, video game, comic's etc) walking the same way we were so we followed them. (Cheeky I know :P) Arriving the convention centre, we had to go around the side and behind of the building to queue up to enter who sh…

Spiderman: Homecoming REVIEW

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I'm back and with a new movie review of Spiderman: Homecoming!
I went to see it with a friend of mine, both of us been big MARVEL Fans, I have been waiting for the film since last July at San Diego Comic Con seeing the cast for the first time! So no further to do let's get into the review and plot!
The movie is on Peter Parker (Tom Holland)  a young 14/15 year teenager who gets his powers of spraying the web's from his hands after being bitten by a spider. Peter lives with his young aunt May also not as "Hot Aunt May" Peter hides his identity of been Spiderman while still in school. He get's mentored by Tony Stark and calls Happy Tony's security guard if he tells him what's he been doing and finding out very important information.
Peter finds a gang of men wearing Avenger's masks robbing an ATM with technology which is from Aliens. He attempted to stop them but with the equipment. The weapons have been supplied by Ailen…

Gifted | Movie Review

Hello, Blogger's Nation!

Last Tuesday I went to see a movie called "Gifted" which features Chris Evan's playing a young man called Frank who is caring for his niece since his sister committed suicide. He take's his niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) to join normal children's school until Mary's teacher Bonnie (Jenny Slate) notices Mary is gifted with solving Mathematics. It turns out Mary's mother was a promising Mathamatin solving Navier-Stokes problem. Out of the blue Frank's mother comes to visit which result's Frank and his mother Evelyn battling custody of Mary.

I saw the trailer previously the trailer looked great and I was excited to see the film but in the middle of watching the film it got slow and I began to get tired of it. I was just waiting for the film to end. It was good but I had no understanding of Navier-Stokes problem or anything with maths cause I hated math. Chris Evan's acting was great and saw cameo's of one of my favou…

Wonder Woman | Movie Review

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It has been a while!
Not to worry I hope to get some writing inspiration soon, just had writer's block for a while! But if you have any suggestions or want to become a guest writer on the blog contact me at 

I got the chance to see Wonder Woman last Thursday the first day it was released! I was so excited to see Wonder Woman getting a film on her own, no Batman, no Superman just one Woman kicking ass. I try not to give too many spoilers but I just give you what it's about.
The story is about Diana (Gal Gadot) growing up on the island of Themyscira where all the Amazons live which was created by Zeus to fight against Ares God of War. Young Diana has been training with her aunt Antiope ( Robin Wright) just she sees something unfamiliar flying vehicle which has a man called Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) With that Invasion men come onto the island who are Germans following Steve who is an American pilot and undercover spy for the B…

Being a Young Roman Catholic

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It's been a while! I do apoglise! I have been super busy with starting of college, settling in along having no blog ideas. And I have pitched it you all on my facebook and twitter. To be honest I haven't had a repsonse from been on facebook but on my twitter you do want me to talk about more posts happening around in the news/world! If you have any ideas just either comment below on my posts, or tweet, facebook me!
As from the title, I am young Roman Catholic person. When I was born and since then I have been bastised, had my holy commuinion, confirmation and regularly go to mass every week. When I was sixteen to seventeen I would've had massive arguements with my parents before going to mass refusing to go, along saying Jesus and God wasn't  real because I haven't seen him apparer in front of me. But I finally I understood the meaning of Jesus and God. When I go to mass I feel relaxed in mass and I don't tend to worry about anything. …

Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me
Today it's your 21st birthday. Happy birthday to me. I wanted to give you some advice for the future.
Don't think your not beautiful You are beautiful all the times you said your not YOU ARE.  Don't let stupid comments affect you You are way stronger than you think and if anyone says something bad or mean to you. Ignore those comments because you are way better thank you think. Not been confident  I know your shy and quiet but when people get you know you they get to see the real you. The funny, nerdy, caring and loving heart you have. And thinking popularity or having the brains to everything doesn't mean your not smart you are. Confidence comes slowly but when you do get it you feel great! Like the first time, you will go onto the bus for the first time without your mum or family that's a big achievement Be you Don't pretend to be someone else because the real you is funny and who people love.  Don't hold onto friendships when you know they a…

My Top 10 favourite movies

Hello Blogger Nation!
How are you! Sorry I haven't posted! But I'm back! So I thought I share my top 10 favourite movies!
Hope you enjoy it!

1. Tangled, Disney

One of my all time favourite movies! I love rapunzel in the Disney film she's so energetic and so compassionate to go to see the lanterns on her birthday. And her relationship with Eugene! And it's so bright and colourful and cheerful! Plus the lanterns are a beautiful moment.

2. Captain America: The First  Avenger

Swoon over the gorgeous Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) based in 1940's in World War time. I love this era just because of the style and the vintage cars at the time. With that, I fell in love with the ship of Peggy and Rogers.
3. Avengers Assemble
The Avenger was one of the biggest movies that somehow influenced me to work hard to get to where I wanted to be. Now I love all the superheroes in the film, all of them are different and unique and we all seen them in their solo film's expect Natasha Roma…